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"I don't listen to women... only sometimes" ~ Naeqo

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Naeqo's favourite BF4 server!

Stephen Hawking

The only person who ever approached Naeqo's level of intelligence!


Naeqo's favourite chair company. Naeqo loves these chairs because they provide him with a 12.73% accuracy boost with automatic weapons.

Naeqos Political Views

Naeqo is extremely well revered for his political knowledge. He has read over 10 books on the subect therefore granting him godlike knowledge in all aspects. If you're interested in learning more about his views, please see below.

Naeqo is famous for his intellectual political views because he simply copies those of Stephen Hawking. While you may not think Stephen is a figure of authority in the field of issues such as immigration, Naeqo would disagree with this because Stephen is very clever.

Stephen Hawking is right because he is the most cleverest man on the planet. His experience in the subject area is irrelevant.

Naeqo on Battlelog

By expertly copying Stephens opinion on everything Naeqo is always able to quote him as a source during a discussion. A favourite tactic to win a politcal discussion is to repeatedly say "Watch the Stephen Hawking video" despite every other member of the discussion pointing out its irrelevance.

2021 Update

Due to the unfortuante passing of Stephens passing (RIP), Naeqo has replaced this cope with a new and more powerful one. The power of books. He simply reads more books than his opponent to mog them.

We reached out to Naeqo to hear his opinion on the EU migrant crisis

"It's a facking joke how this situation has been handled. I was speaking to my old china Stephen and we were in disbelief. It's all fucking Poland's fault. They seem to think we slaughtered half of them or something. They ain't letting no one in their gaf. All the gotta do is give the migrants some feather and let em kip there. We aren't even asking them to give em $20k in readies and a 42" flat screen like we do. Don't get me started on those smug bastards in the UK either, they can do one. Bastards not wanting to take 300,000 immigrants into their overcrowded country. Glad they're leaving the EU, I hope they enjoy their precise 20% price increase on everything and 8 years of pony economy." ~Naeqo

2021 Update

The UK economy is recovering at its fastest rate since WW2 and is expecting to reach pre-brexit levels within a single year. Poland are still based and not allowing refugees.


Want to be as good as Naeqo? See his config advice below!


Naeqo states that people should use 1080p for the following reasons

  • Just because some better players use low res won't make you good
  • Just because in CS there is advantage to lower res does not mean there is in Battlefield 4
  • Mouse movement is retarded on stretched res
  • 1080p gives way more field of view

Consequently naeqo uses 1080p...lol jk he uses 1024x768 black bars.


Naeqo believes that being closer to the server and having less ping makes no difference at all.
Here is a graph he provided to prove his point.


Naeqo has shared with us his top tip that FPS is directly related to your gaming chair. You gain 10 fps for each of the following.

  • Every 100 euro spent on the chair
  • Each RGB light present
  • Each cumstain

Dating Advice

Naeqo shares his top tips on pulling the birds.

  • Struggling to pick a girl up at the bar? Whack out Battlelog mobile and show her your stats
  • Not sure what drink to buy at the bar to not look like a fairy because you "don't do drinking"? Ask Flux, he will sort you out
  • Discuss sports, it shows the lady how athletic you are. Avoid mentioning the big 'E' if possible
  • Rate them out of 10 and tell them! Don't forget to reduct marks for pointy elbows
  • Get their matchmaking rank before their name, you don't want to waste your time speaking to supremes
  • Get their reading words per minute too, you don't want to date some thot who can't read 20 books on the middle east in one evening
  • When you get a girlfriend define a clear schedule and let her know. 50% CS, 45% BF and 5% girlfriend time works great

Touching Fruits Puzzle

There is a box. Inside the box there are oranges, apples and a naked sexy girl. The oranges never touch the Apples and the Apples never touch the Oranges. The naked sexy girl touches both the Oranges and Apples. Can we say with as much certainty as we can say that I won't touch the naked sexy girl, that the oranges will not touch?

Acceptable Answers

  • Open the box and look
  • Realise nothing ever truly touches and have an existential crisis
  • Forget about this gay puzzle and focus on the naked sexy girl
  • Shake the box like a big black booty to make sure the fruit are touching before giving your answer. Can combine with opening the box for jiggly titties

Unacceptable Answers

  • Try to cheat by getting Flux and Panth to do it for you
  • Read 10 books on the puzzle and claim you no longer need to solve it as your intelligence is past that point


Famously known for the line "I don't enjoy any sports, lol, except the E one" Naeqo is very passionate about E-Sports. He is adamant that e-sports are a valid sporting event, however in that quote dismissed them as not being a proper sport himself. Curious.

Naeqo is currently recovering from a wrist injury. A sane person might consider to stop playing when their wrist starts to hurt like a swarm of 300 mutant wasps have stung it, but Naeqo understands that sport is life. The circumstances around his wrist injury are considered questionable.


Naeqo is an expert in maturely and respectfully passing on his point of view in an argument. Here are his top tips.

  • Insult them rather than discussing the actual issue
  • Insult excessively
  • Go immediately for personal insults
  • Repeatedly inform them of your superiority by reminding them you can do whatever you want
  • Display sociopathic tendencies
  • Say no offense after harsh insults
  • Let them know they would be unreasonable to take offense
  • Tell them that they know nothing about this
  • Tell them that you rarely speak up on this but they are stupid and you have read 10 books on the subject making you the smartest person on the subject without exception


A god should lead by example, so here is an example of a mature and respectful argument

I can literally tell via the internet that niels is kinda dumb, no offense, and im sure none taken.
Naeqo (God)

Classic naeqo moments

Here are our selection of moments that are just classic Naeqo

  • "ive read many many many many books from all kinds of sides"
  • "I know more about this shit than you 2 combined. And im rarely this vocal on stuff. but neither of u know fuck all no offense"
  • "aite, that settles it then. im right."
  • "I can literally tell via the internet that niels is kinda dumb, no offense, and im sure none taken."
  • "well for starters u need some lessons in history"
  • "u rly do gotta read more! want recommendations?"
  • "neither of u have the slightest idea of the more fine dynamics going on down there, fair enough"

Here are a selection of images of Naeqo in action

Naeqo explains to flux how reading books is the key to solving all the mysteries of the universe

Naeqo explains to Panth how the middle east works and why the US is not the most powerful country in the world. As a favour, Naeqo also explains to Panth why he is stupid. Spoiler alert: lack of book reading.

Naeqo prepares for an argument about Jews on discord.

Naeqo explains to Niels how he was able to tell he was dumb over the internet.

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