General Rules

We realise this is a game aimed at adults and we are not far left cucks like ARP, therefore we are fairly easy going when it comes to rules regarding behaviour and chat however dont take it too far

  • No racism
  • No 24/7 insulting other players
  • No 24/7 hackusating other players
  • No 24/7 complaining about the server
  • No switching to the winning team
  • No exploiting of glitches
  • No deliberate sabotage/blocking of teammates

Vehicle Rules

Due to the importance of vehicles on rush and how they can win or lose a game we have some additional rules for them

  • No staff shell in tank
  • No ramming jet into other vehicles
  • No stealing seats from teammates while they are temporarily out of the tank to repair
  • No non-engineers in vehicle driver or gunner seats
  • No stealing vehicles from enemy spawn

Weapon Rules

Due to the nature of how rush maps play we have some weapon rules to help ensure games are actually winnable for attackers

  • No bipods on LMG
  • No airburst
  • No mortar
  • No UCAV
  • No flashbangs
  • No shotguns
  • No rocket launchers on maps without vehicles