General Rules

We realise this is a game aimed at adults therefore we are fairly easy going when it comes to rules regarding behaviour however please don't take it too far with excessive insulting or racism etc.

Vehicle Rules

  • No stealing seats from teammates while they are temporarily out of the tank to repair
  • No non-engineers in vehicle driver or gunner seats

These vehicle rules are set because repairing is very important in rush vehicle fights. A tank with reps will win 90% of the time against one without them. Therefore we ask everyone to be engineer in the driver/gunner seat so they can repair. Also we ask teammates not to steal vehicles from teammates whle they are repairing. it's annoying when your teammate jumps in your vehicle while you are repairing.

Weapon Rules

Due to the nature of how rush maps play with limited entry points and areas where large amounts of players congregate we have some weapon rules to help ensure games are actually winnable for attackers. Mostly there are around weapons that make pushing extremely difficult like AEO explosives.

  • No mortar, ucav, claymore or poison bow
  • No explosive XM25 or M320 (smoke/flash) variants allowed
  • No bipods on LMGs
  • No shotguns
  • No rocket launchers on maps without vehicles (locker/flood zone)